Michael Collings hoping for record deal

SINGING sensation Michael Collings said performing in front of millions of people on Britain’s Got Talent has changed his life.

The 19-year-old, who came fifth in the ITV show’s final on Saturday, hopes the contest will lead to his own single and a recording contract.

Speaking shortly after returning to Plymouth yesterday, Michael told The Herald he ‘did his family proud’.

He was spending one night in Efford with fiancee Sarah McLeish and their 15-week-old son Jamie before travelling back to London today to prepare for the Britain’s Got Talent live tour.

Trainee computer engineer Michael, who taught himself to play the guitar only three years ago, said: “Coming fifth is good enough for me. Just getting through to the semi final was good enough for me. I did my family proud, that’s all I wanted.

“I loved every single minute of being up on that stage. I just want to get back up there again. The live tour will be brilliant.

“It was my time to shine, the opportunity of a lifetime, and I couldn’t afford to mess it up. It’s changed my life.”

Michael described his whirlwind weekend – which saw him perform in the semi final on Friday before the final on Saturday.

“I prepared my song on Thursday, had rehearsals on Friday and then on to stage for the semi final,” he said.

“It was the tester of the nerves but I was happy with my performance. That night was awesome. I couldn’t believe I’d got through.”

He sang Paul Weller’s You Do Something to Me in the semi final and Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, his audition song, the following day.

“I only had 12 hours to prepare that piece,” he said “I had to get used to performing with a backing track, which I’d never used before.

“It was hard but I pulled it off. I didn’t mess up so that was good.”

He lost out to Scottish power singer Jai McDowall – who Michael had picked as his fiercest competition.

Michael said he entered the contest because his parents Richard and Caroline encouraged him. He auditioned in a bright orange hoodie and grey tracksuit bottoms.

He said: “It was quite crazy. I used to just sit in my bedroom playing guitar. I got up on stage and did my thing. I couldn’t see myself finishing fifth.”

The performance made him an early favourite to win.

Michael said: “Even after the first audition people were coming up to me in the street, in shops, everywhere, saying ‘hey, you’re off the telly’.”

During The Herald interview on the porch of Sarah’s Efford home, passers by shouted to him and approached to shake his hand.

He said he is going to try his hardest to continue his singing career to support his family.

“Lots of people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube say I should release my own version of Fast Car,” he said. “That’d be great. Hopefully I’ll get signed by someone as well.”

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Michael Collings Semi Final

Michael Collings has once again won over the hearts of the judges after performing Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent final.


Michael McIntyre said: “I loved that. Really glad you did that song again and also your dress sense has greatly improved””

Amanda agreed: “Great song choice, I love the tone of your voice, congratulations.”
Michael Collings drives judges wild on Britain’s Got Talent final

Simon said: “I’m glad you did that song again as I didn’t hear in the auditions. I also like the fact it’s all about your voice and you do it extremely well.”

The Hoff added: “You are such a likeable guy. Every time you go on stage it just makes me smile… whether you win this competition or not, everyone is looking at a star, well done buddy.”

Michael was voted through to the final by the judges after performing a rousing version of Paul Weller’s Hanging on the Wire on last night’s semi-final. He managed to pip Pip and Buddy to the post and was delighted that he was one step closer to realising his musical ambition.

The emotional 19 year old last night commented: “It feels absolutely amazing to get through the finals is unbelievable.”

The IT engineer had been tipped to go far from the very start of the contest, after stunning the judges and the audience with his powerful voice at his audition.

He initially gave the wrong impression when he turned up in a casual orange fleece – but appearances can be deceptive, and when he launched into his acoustic performance of Fast Car, everyone immediately sat up and took notice.

His performance was so popular, the original version of the song went soaring up the charts. After giving another moving rendition of the same track tonight, it looks like Fast Car will once again prove a hit with the viewers.

Earlier today Michael revealed winning BGT would mean everything to him as he could use it as a platform to get a recording contract and support his family.

Do you think he should win the £100,000 prize money and the chance to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety show? We’ll find out from 9.30 tonight.

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Michael Collings Pub Gigs

Michael Collings sings one of the many covers he has taught himself with guidance from YouTube, before drawing the adulation of the crowd, left

PLYMOUTH’S star of Britain’s Got Talent got some practice in for the next round of the TV contest – and the return of Simon Cowell – at a pub gig in Torpoint.

Michael Collings, who rocketed to fame after appearing on the ITV talent show singing Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, swapped his bright orange hooded jumper for a checkered blue shirt when he recently appeared at the Trott Inn.

Simon Gilley, who runs Gilleys Productions and organises gigs and festivals such as Fallstock at Elfordleigh, revealed he called Mr Collings up with the offer of a set.

Mr Gilley said: “I got in contact with him about a week before the gig and he said he was fine to do it.

“We had a support band, Seven Year Itch, and Michael did about a 30-minute set on his own.

“It was very busy in there on the night as it was a free gig for the customers and people wanted to see him perform live.

“Michael did covers mostly, such as Kings of Leon and the Tracy Chapman song, which he did twice.”

Mr Collings has recently said he only started learning the guitar three years ago, getting tips from YouTube, while a pupil at Lipson Community College.

He says he now practises a couple of hours each day but only after getting back from the computer shop where he works as an IT engineer and first having helped his fiancée Sarah with their 14-week-old baby, Jamie.

The teenager, who until recently lived in a caravan park in Notter, near Saltash, said he had only ever sung at his brother’s wedding before winning a singing competition “Notters Got Talent” at his local pub, the Notter Bridge Inn.

Mr Gilley said: “It was a good night and people responded really well to Michael.

“It was a bit of practice for him before the next big round on the show and, of course, it was pretty good for us as well to have him play locally.”

Source Plymouth Herald

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Michael Collings moves out of Caravan Park

The 19-year-old singer performed Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car during the show’s opening episode, wowing the judges in spite of his dishevelled appearance.

But while Collings attracted attention for the fact he lived in a trailer park, he is about to trade in his caravan and move into a two-bedroom council flat with fiancée Sarah and son Jamie.

Michael had previously been quite happy with his ‘posh’ caravan, saying: ‘My caravan park is classy – you need a keycard to get in.’

But now Michael – who says he will buy a house if he wins the show – is moving in with his young family.

A source told The Sun: ‘[Michael and Sarah] have been on the waiting list for a council house for a while and finally one has come up.

‘Hopefully in a few weeks they will be in.’

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Gigs in Plymouth

Judge At Plymouth’s Got Talent Final & Playing Few Tunes Afterwards
Thursday, 19 May 2011 at 22:00
Barbican Leisure Park Plymouth

BlueBird Pub
Friday, 20 May 2011 at 22:30
‎164 Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth, PL3 5JU

Playing Live At The Trott In
Friday, 13 May at 21:00
‎11 Fore Street, Torpoint PL11 2AB

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Michael Collings First Audition

IT engineer Michael, 19, wandered on stage looking anything but a star in his orange hoodie and Amanda Holden and McIntyre joked about him before he started his version of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car.

They soon changed their attitude as his performance earned him a standing ovation and Holden said: ‘I didn’t expect much from you to be honest. You’ve got a really interesting quality to your voice and you really delivered.’

All three judges voted for him and the Hoff told Michael: ‘Britain’s got talent and you are it.’

Animals are always popular on BGT and Donelda Guy, along with Mega and Biba, proved to be a superior dog dancing act.

‘It was very stylish, very cool, very talented dogs. I really liked you,’ said McIntyre as he voted the trio through.

Steven Hall, a 53-year-old telecoms engineer, wowed the audience with his dance act to a medley of tracks including everything from The Birdy Song to The Real Slim Shady.

The judges were all but lost for words, but all three said yes.

The less successful acts included financial analyst Blair, who painted himself blue and pretended to be a dolphin.

Steve Stevens, who sang a unique Katy Perry cover entitled I Kissed A Goat, failed to wow the judges, as did John Hampson who painted himself gold and attempted to perform the

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